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Prune Thyself To Grow and Succeed Challenge

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The purpose of this challenge is to trim away our bad relationships( branches) conquer our issues(stems), and remove or cut out that bad habit, mannerism, attitude, or addiction from our lives, in order to grow and succeed!

If you would rather work at your own pace, download the workbook.

Spring Clean Your LIFE! 

This is an 12 week coaching program where we do a deep dive into your life and clean out the crap! You will discover your energy zappers, learn the process of "Letting Go", define and correct your toxic relationships! Set yourself up for success by creating a vision plan,  S.M.A.R.T goals and action steps to reach your dreams. All the while creating a self-care regime to keep you focused and balanced. You will get weekly assignments and assessments,  1 hour  1:1 weekly coaching calls with coach Laurie, with weekly "check-in" emails.

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