How Coaching Works

 I tailor my coaching process to your individual needs and goals,  based on a continual process of assignments, assessment, goal setting, action steps and re-assessment. This process allows me to properly track your progress and allows me to provide you with deeper insight and support to obtaining your dreams and goals!

How Long Is the Process?

Coaching deals with intentional change of your personal self, which will change your life! This does not happen from one day to the next. Therefore, sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis for 45 minutes via telephone, skype or in person (your preference). The process can take 3,6,9,12 months or longer, based on your particular goals and needs. It has been determined that programs from 9-18 months produce the most positive life-altering changes. However, if you are only seeking help for a specific situation i.e project, concept etc, I can create a customized plan for you!

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