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My name is Laurie, I am a Wholistic Wellness Coach specializing in helping mature ( ages 35-65)  semi-professional women, get clarity, confidence and empowerment to re-find, and re-fine themselves.
  Are you currently feeling depleted?  Feeling like you are not being heard? Not reaching your goals? You don't feel like a priority? Or just flat-out unhappy?
Maybe you feel like you have lost yourself? Or perhaps you feel like you can’t communicate your thoughts and feelings without being judged?
If you can relate to any or ALL of those feelings, you are in the right place!
Through my programming, I will help you re-define who you are and help you regain the control to take back your voice, power, and life!
Click below to get started reclaiming your Power today! 


Laurie Abernathy


Email: coachlaurie@thesoulprovider.info



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